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16 September 2018

Ready to Quit Smoking? Some test Diet may help you!

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diet to quit

A recent study showed that foods play an important role during the anti - smoking process, because certain foods such as fruits, vegetables and dairy products worsen the taste of cigarettes, making them key in the diet, while others like the coffee, chocolate, red meat and alcoholic beverages boost it.


1. Fruit, vegetables and vegetables

diet to quit
The study found that these foods that help to reduce some of those extra pounds you raise when you decide to quit, you will help create healthy eating habits that will make you enjoy very good health. Fruits like orange, lemon and grapefruit are rich in vitamin C, which will help replenish deficiency that snuff generated in the body, while vegetables rich in vitamin A such as spinach, carrots, asparagus and tomato they serve as an antioxidant. Other foods such as potatoes, eggplant and celery provide Zinc, and oats, barley and rice, selenium.
This balanced diet is necessary to overcome anxiety that causes a full day without smoking, as its flavor reduce the taste for cigarettes, helping to release all the nicotine that has been accumulated for years and years.

2. Foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes

diet to quit
Foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes and definitely not help you quit complement, are red meat, desserts, chocolate, coffee and alcoholic beverages, Why ?, because these foods and drinks with high carbohydrate indexes enhance the taste of nicotine, which will increase your usual intake. The more you eat this kind of thing, the more you have to have a cigar in hand.
Chocolate and coffee are excluded from this diet, because as we all know contain exciting properties that will generate more addiction, and it is precisely what we want to avoid.

3. Food as ally

If you modify and control the things you eat it will be much easier to quit smoking. Instead of a beer, a glass of milk or a glass of water; and instead of a plate of red meat, a good portion of vegetables, fruit and rice.
If you combine these tips a healthy lifestyle, ie with some daily exercise and a lot of willpower, finally stop smoking will not be an impossible goal to achieve. Once past your first 3 to 6 weeks you can start to consume you moderate amounts of foods that enhance the taste of cigarettes, but always combined with a varied diet to help you stick with your purpose.

4. Diuretic Diet

diet to quit

Urinating is very important for you to eliminate toxins that the body is due to cigarette smoke, it is advisable to drink plenty of water, half liter as nĂ­nimo to increase urine production in your body. Remember also consume natural and vegetable, lettuce, onions , cherries and juice.
Nuts such as hazelnuts and almonds prievenen and help control anxiety.

And then Are you ready to quit?

Naturally Improve Your Digestive System!

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Many health issues can be traced back to the digestive system, and can be caused by abuse of antibiotics, stress, over consumption of alcohol, infections, etc. most people aren’t even aware that their digestive system isn’t functioning well. If you’re suffering from heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, belching, unexplained lethargy or even odd cravings, you may also have digestive problems. There are many other symptoms, but what you need to know is that your digestive system is not functioning well. This can lead to the inability to absorb nutrients that the body needs for its everyday functions.

1.Avoid foods that irritate your stomach:

Some people are allergic or intolerant to certain types of food, such as dairy, gluten, corn, soy, nuts, eggs, etc. Paying attention to your overallfeeling after you eat these kinds of foods will help you in the future. If you feel bloated, unable to concentrate, skin issues or any other symptom that appears after eating, consider avoiding that type of food. Test your body and avoid one type of food eachweek to see which ones are the not agreeing with you.

2. Eat more fat, but not too much:

 The general consensus is to eat less fat, especially when constipated and get more fiber in your diet. A digestive system that is not working well will have difficulties in processing these fibers, leading to further issues due to the undigested fibers in yourbody. Fat actually helps in releasing these undigested fibers, so if you’re suffering from constipation, you need fat. Remember – get your fat from a healthy source, such as coconut oil, fish oil, olive oil, or flaxseed oil, and avoid unhealthy fat from soy,sunflower seeds or margarine.

3. Consume more fermented and probiotic foods:

Beneficial bacteria perform much of the digestive processes in your bowels. If the delicate balance of their ecosystem is disturbed, they may declinein numbers, leading to digestion difficulties. To strengthen your digestive bacteria, add probiotic foods to your diet, such as yogurt, peas, dark chocolate, pickled cucumbers, and pickled cabbage.

4. Chew more:

Many of us forget the importance of chewing as part of the digestion process. Even when we chew, enzymes in our saliva start to break down the food,so the more you chew – the easier it is to digest the food. Try chewing everything 20 times before swallowing. The process may be annoying at first, but it’ll help your digestion, and also can help in weight-loss.

5. Start each meal with something bitter:

Even if you’re hungry, your stomach may not be ready to digest food just yet. Bitter food helps signaling your body that it’s time to produce stomachacids, which will help in digestion of the rest of the food. Greens such as rocket, as well as apple cider vinegar, are a great bitter starter.

6. Eat bone soup:

Homemade bone soup is an excellent source of nutrients that your body craves, and it’s also cheap to make. The soup contains many minerals, aminoacids, gelatin, and glycine, all of which are beneficial for your digestive system. Have it as a meal or as a side, but either way – your body will thank you.

7. Clear your bowels occasionally:

We clean our body by showering, but often forget that the insides need a cleansing too sometimes. An enema is an ideal solution for internal cleansingof the bowels. It softens and breaks down any leftover refuse in our guts, then flushes it out. The results are better functioning digestive system and liver, so clearing out these toxins will improve your general feeling as well.

8. Drink ginger or chamomile tea:

On top of its calming properties, chamomile tea also aids the digestion process and can help with nausea, stomachaches, and digestive cramps. Drinka cup a day, and you’ll feel the change. If you’re not partial to chamomile, make a ginger infusion instead – but be sure to use fresh ginger root.

9. Massage your stomach after you eat:

Many alternative healers suggest massaging your stomach for 2-5 minutes after every meal to aid in digestion. To do that, place your palm on thetop of your stomach and move it in a clockwise direction. If you don’t feel like doing it after every meal, doing it once in the evening is also helpful.

10. Support your liver functions:

One of the liver’s main functions is producing bile, which helps break down fats in a process that helps the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, & K.Insufficient amounts of bile can lead to harder-working digestive system that in turn, causes lethargy, particularly after eating fatty foods. To support your liver, eat beets, artichoke, proteins, and liver.

11. Eat a healthy breakfast:

It’s not called “the most important meal of the day” for nothing. A good breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and keeps it working well throughoutthe day. Even if you’re not hungry, remember that you’re doing yourself a service when you eat, and if you add some yoghurt, you benefit twice.

12. Sit correctly on the toilet:

Did you know that your posture when you’re on the toilet actually affects your digestive system? New research found that the best way to move ourbowels is by squatting, not sitting. When we sit, we apply pressure to the rectum, similarly to bending a garden hose, obstructing the healthy flow. When you squat, however, your rectum is loose and straight, making it easier to have a movement. So use a smallstool when you make your own, to have an easier and healthier time when on the bowl.

13. Drink water, but not during a meal:

It’s important to drink at least 8 cups of water a day to keep the digestion running smoothly, but nutritionists recommend not drinking during themeal. Some foods make us thirsty, and in these cases, you should take small sips rather than large gulps. Another recommendation is to drink room-temperature water, since cold water slows the digestion process down.

14. Avoid eating when stressed or active:

Eating when you’re stressed or in a rush is a sure way to get indigestion. When you eat calmly, your body activates the parasympathetic system,which digestion is part of. In stressful times or during physical activities, the body uses the sympathetic system, taking away energy from the digestive processes. This is why people feel nauseated during stressful times or after running.

14 Foods that Can Replace Pills

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Whenever we start feeling ill, the first thing we do is reach for the medicine cabinet. The problem with taking pills is that even though they’ll probably help with your predicament, they’re also bound to have unwanted side effects. The best solution is to use these 14 natural remedies, which are just as efficient as drugs.
1. Bananas – Stress and anxiety
Next time you feel stressed, grab a banana! With an average of 105 calories and 14 grams of sugar, a banana will boost your blood-sugar levels and help combat hunger. Additionally, a banana contains 30% of your daily requirement of Vitamin B6, which helps your brain in the production of serotonin - a chemical that helps reduce stress.
14 Foods

2. Yogurt – Constipation and gas
One and a half cups of yogurt are packed full of probiotics that assist in digestion and improves the stomach’s ability to digest dairy and legumes – a major cause of gastric gasses.
3. Raisins - High blood pressure
A large handful of resins (approx. 60) contains over 200mg of potassium, as well as 1 gram of fiber. These are strongly recommended as part of a diet to help reduce blood pressure. Recent studies show that the polyphenols in grapes, raisins and wine, help maintain the circulatory system and reduce blood pressure.
14 Foods

4. Apricots – Kidney stones
4 dried apricots contain 2 grams of fiber, 235mg of potassium and just 3mg of sodium. This combination is highly effective at preventing minerals from getting trapped in your kidneys, which is the cause of the most common kidney stones.
5. Tuna – Foul mood
A can of tuna contains about 800mg of Omega-3, a fatty acid that is considered vital in the treatment of depression. Omega 3 is even an approved treatment for depression by the American Psychiatric Association.
14 Foods

6. Ginger tea - Nausea
A time-old proven treatment for nausea, ginger has also been scientifically proven to be helpful in dealing with nausea caused by motion sickness as well as morning sickness. It is as effective as anti-nausea medicine, but without the side effects (such as ‘cotton mouth’ and lethargy)
7. Basil - Indigestion
Studies suggest that the eugenol in basil is highly effective as a gastric painkiller, nausea reduction, cramping and diarrhea by eliminating bacteria Salmonella and Listeria. Basil is also effective at preventing halitosis.
8. Pears – High cholesterol
The average pear contains 5 grams of the dietary fiber Pectin, which helps clear the body of ‘bad cholesterol’ (LDL).
9. Cabbage – Stomach ulcers
In a research published by the John Hopkins Medical School, it was found that the sulforaphane in cabbage helps battle the helicobacter pylori bacteria (a main cause for ulcers). It is believed that sulforaphane may also help prevent gastric tumors.
14 Foods

10. Figs - Hemorrhoids
Dried figs are rich in dietary fiber, which in turn, produce softer feces and aiding in reducing hemorrhoids and the liness of developing them.
11. Potatoes - Headaches
A medium-sized potato contains 37 carbohydrates, which help reduce headaches by increasing serotonin production in the brain.
12. Garlic – Yeast infection
Garlic contains many essential oils that help prevent the development of yeast infections.
14 Foods

13. Chamomile tea – Heartburn
A great treatment for gastric inflammation, cramping, heartburn and gas, is mixing 2 teaspoons of chamomile tea in a cup of boiling water and brewing it for about 20 minutes and then drinking it.
14. Orange juice – Lethargy
The fructose in orange juice is a natural and fast-working stimulant, and research has proven the ability of Vitamin C to reduce damage caused by free radicals and provide the body with energy. Vitamin C is also a key factor in maintaining iron levels in our blood, which keeps it oxygenated.

15 September 2018

How to Keep Your Bones Strong

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The base on which our whole body is built is the skeleton, from which we get our stability, our ability to move and function. Our bones are also a factory for manufacturing red and white blood cells. It's extremely important to keep bones strong and healthy, especially in more advanced ages, when calcium seems to drain away.
A little about bone depletion:
Bone depletion, or osteoporosis, is a disease that occurs as a result of dwindling bone mass and a decrease in the levels of calcium. Along our whole life, our bones are in a continuous process of construction and destruction. However, at a young age, there is more construction than destruction. Things even out as we grow older until, in our fourth decade, destruction finally overtakes construction. As a result, our bone density drops and our bones become more prone to fractures. When this process happens in an extreme way, it is known as bone depletion. It's important to note that losing calcium also makes the bones more sensitive, even if it happens slowly. At an older age, when our balance is not what it used to be, the danger only gets worse. 
Becuase women start with a bone density that is already about 30% less than men's, and because they produce less estrogen as they grow older, they must face a bigger risk when it comes to bone depletion.
What is the recommended calcium amount?
The process of bone depletion in the body is a natural one and cannot be prevented. But it can be minimized in volume and influence, by maintaining our bones and building bone mass through correct nutrition.  
The daily calcium amount recommended for the general population is 1000 mg a day. For adults it is 1200-1500 mg a day. In addition, vitamin D is also important, as it helps the calcium absorb in the body. So if you want to keep your bones strong, you should also consume vitamin D rich foods. You can get it from the sun or from food, but it's important to have.
10 Tips to Keep Our Bones Strong
1. Consume milk products - Every child knows that milk is rich in calcium and is essential for strengthening bones. This goes for all milk products, including cheese, yogurt and alike. If you don't like cow's milk, try soy milk enriched with calcium.
2. Add nuts to your diet - Although milk has the highest ratio of calcium to volume, it is not the only source. Some nuts and seeds have handsome amounts of calcium. A 30 gram course of almonds contains 75mg of calcium, 30 grams of sesame seeds contains 37mg of calcium and sunflower seeds have 33mg of calcium.
3. Eat dark green vegetables - Broccoli, Chinese cabbage, arugula, parsley, lettuce and others are excellent sources of calcium, and contain many additional health advantages. This will help you to also diversify your sources of calcium, which is important to maintain your health.
4. Take the right Vitamin A - Vitamin A appears in two forms. The first is retinol, which appears in animal products, such as the liver. The second is beta carotene and it is the way the vitamin comes from plants, especially orange vegetables like carrot, squash or sweet potato. Studies have found that consuming too much of retinol vitamin A raises the risk of bone fraction, while vitamin A in its plant form, Beta Carotene, does not damage the bones.
5. Strengthen your bones with Vitamin K - This vitamin helps activate 3 essential proteins that are crucial for bone health. As in the case of calcium that comes from green vegetables, vitamin K also comes from the same sources. Two daily helpings of green vegetables a day give the body as much as it needs.
6. Physical activity strengthens the bones - Sorry, you knew this was coming and its of very little surprise. When we carry out a physical activity, we create pressure on our skeleton. While it is bad to overdo it, a moderate pressure is actually very health, as it sends the body signals to create more bone cells, increase the density and make it stronger. Operate the body with moderation, and don't go to far with it.
7. Eat fish - 100 grams of sardines contain an amazing amount of over 400mg of calcium! It's recommended to consume the fresh fish of course and not the canned variety. The little bones are also edible and contain a lot of calcium. Sardines, like the salmon, are also a great source of vitamin D.
8. Reduce your consumption of carbonated drinks and treats - The acid that exists in some of the popular carbonated drinks  raises the amount of acid in the blood. To compensate, the body uses the body's minerals, including calcium. If the calcium is not readily available in the blood, the body will take it from the bones and this will hard the density and strength of the bone. There is no problem drinking them once in a while, but if they are a daily habit then you can do a lot of damage to your bones over time.
9. Avoidance measures - Like a lot of other health problems, we return to smoking. Studies have shown that smoking harms bone density, as well as over consumption of alcohol and caffeine.
10. Resource allocation - We must carry out our calcium consumption in a smart way. Our body absorbs calcium best when it is no more than 500mg at one time. So, if you are planning on consuming a large amount of calcium rich foods or drinks, try to perhaps divide the meal or eat again later, to make sure the body is able to absorb all you are giving it.

14 September 2018

‘Aharveda’ – not a diet, but a way of life which could save your life!

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Nagpur: “No milk. No curds. No sugar. No oil. And no wheat, bajra or jowar either…absolutely no maida, no butter, cream, cheese, eggs or non veg.”

“After I finish giving these ‘commands’ all my listeners want to run for their lives! Who can live with these restrictions?? I would rather live 10 years less, than live without eating all these things – say people.”
“And then I invite them to enjoy the dinner buffet spread with me: we start with a ‘cocktail’ of vegetable juices; then a soup and then a generous spread that has all your favorite dishes – cucumber raita, dahiwada, aloo bonda, Veg Kolhapuri, Methi matar aloo, Thai curry, Tomato ‘rice’ and even very rich and creamy looking Gajar halwa and Kheer! People partake on this feast and then they are like ‘we can do this all our lives!’ ”
People listen enraptured as Harish Shetty narrates all this – he is speaking to an audience that consists largely of Nagpur High Court Judiciary, many of them are already on ‘Aharveda’ and say they have benefited hugely by following the diet.
So what is the principle behind ‘Aharveda’ – a phrase also coined by Harish for his revolutionary diet, specially with the Indian palate in mind.
‘Ahar’ means food and as we all know Vedas are our ancient scriptures. As their web site says-
” Through the Aharveda way, we are combining age-old principles of wellness – centric food science as practised in ancient India and our decades of experience in creating tasty food. The Aharveda Way will prepare you to fight today’s stress levels and ailments with lots of energy, a well-balanced body and a healthy, positive mindset. Our vision is to fight major diseases and we believe it’s possible through systematic cleansing of body and by including body balancing diet in our daily food.”
So what do you get to eat in the Aharveda plan?
Lots of fruits – they recommend upto 2 Kgs of fruits per person; lots of nimbu pani, or lemon juice, vegetables and vegetable juices, all kinds of dals and in lieu of food grains stuff like ‘bhagar’, Rajgira, Singhada atta (all the things that are allowed in ‘fasts’ ) and plenty of root vegetables like potato, sweet potato, yam/Suran and arbi.
Also all nuts and dry fruits.
So if you are wondering how ‘dahi wada’ and ‘kheer’ are made without curds or milk, here’s the answer. The curds are made of peanuts and milk for kheer comes from coconut milk and/ or crushed badam paste diluted with water. And I guarantee they taste as good or better than the stuff we know!
How did Aharveda come about?
As we all know, the Shettys of India are all into the Food Business! Whether it is in South India or Mumbai or Nagpur – one can find many popular restaurants owned by Shettys.
Harish’ family also ran a famous Vegetarian restaurant called Radhakrishna in Andheri. It served South Indian, Punjabi, Gujarathi, Chinese, Italian – the full range of international cuisine. It had seating for 500 and had been doing thriving business for four decades.
Harish had naturally joined the family business as soon as he was ready.
Then when he was just 36 years of age, one day he was suddenly gasping for breath.
“It was like someone was chocking me” recalls Harish.
He was rushed to the hospital where tests showed that all his parameters were off. His B.P., his blood sugar, his cholesterol, everything. Despite Harish being a teetotaler who did not smoke, drink or eat non veg himself.
So what had gone wrong? Life style, diet, habits, atmospheric pollution – everything seemed to have combined to make Harish very sick.
He had two alternatives before him: either begin on a regimen of pills that he would have to take life long and the dosages would only increase as he grew older or find alternative therapies for ‘cure’.
There was a stint when he tried out everything, Homeopathy, Ayurveda everything. Nothing really helped. Naturalistic food and practices finally brought some relief but Harish realized the bland food they prescribed was not something one could eat life long.
“Why should healthy be tasteless?” He asked himself.

Then he turned his kitchen into a Lab. and began experimenting. He consulted scriptures, old cook books and any literature he could get his hands on. He really educated himself on Food and began by treating himself with natural foods. He became his own Guinea pig!
Almost rapidly and miraculously his ‘parameters’ regained normalcy. He not only lost weight and but he lost years as well!
Today when he is 50, he looks like someone in his 30s! ! He is full of energy, is infectiously optimistic and cheerful and has a very positive attitude to life.
“It is absolutely true – a healthy body brings about a healthy mind and a feeling of peace and compassion towards all” he says.
“But it is not just food that will cure you” Harish cautions.
“The more important thing is breathing right, taking in plenty of oxygen. Practice deep breathing, breathing from your stomach as babies do, consciously twice- thrice a day.”
“See, you can live without food for two days, but not even a minute without air” he reminds his listeners.
Along with the food you eat, you also need to follow good eating habits. Like dinner should be had before 8 p.m.
In the mornings, have as many fruits as you can, but only one fruit at a time. After a gap of an hour, you can have another.
Between 12 and 8 p.m. is the time for cooked foods. (Cooked as per his instructions without oil – but you can use all the spices and condiments you want!)
“One should sleep by 10 p.m. and wake up as early as you can – 4 a.m. is ideal” he says.
He also generously allows you 65 days out of 365 as ‘cheat days’ when you can eat what you want! “Don’t deprive yourself of anything you love. Just eat it on a Sunday” he says. He knows forsaking your favorite foods can lead to uncontrolled cravings.
“Also when you are on a Holiday, you can give your diet a holiday too – since there is no point in second guessing the ‘health quotient’ of hotel food!”
Over the years, his ‘diet’ – or his Aharveda – found many followers and many chronic and ‘hopeless’ patients found health again.
Like the case of this 80+ lady who had such bad arthritis that she had not come down from her 3rd floor flat for almost 15 years! (There was no lift in the building in Mumbai.) Then when movement inside the flat also became painful she seriously began contemplating knee joint replacement surgeries for both knees. That was when someone introduced Harish to her. He asked her to try his Aharveda for 6 months – if it did not succeed “I will pay for your operation” promised Harish.
She followed it faithfully and in 8 months she was climbing down from her flat twice a day! She felt like she had a new lease of life.
She offered Harish the – lakhs that would have been her operation cost.

“Don’t give this to me, use it to buy fruits and other healthy food for poor people” he said.
There are many such people who have been restored health and are off most of their medications.
Every Sunday, Harish sees 100 ‘patients’ in his ‘OPD’ and talks to them about the benefits of eating Natural and Live foods that is the soul of Aharveda. For those who want to follow it strictly he makes meal plans – even giving out recipes. He has hundreds of recipes to dole out and is in the process of writing a Cook Book. His sessions are full always, one has to do advance booking for seats!
Now Harish is endeavoring to take this Science of Healthy Eating all over the country. Even all over the world. This quest brought him to Nagpur where select Nagpurians got a taste of his unique cuisine.
His next plan is to start Health Food Restaurants all over the country.
He is a Shetty, remember??!