12 July 2017

Health Benefits of Pistachio!
Every diabetic out there knows the second your doctor gives you a diabetes diagnosis, your life changes forever... No more indulging that sweet tooth… no more skipping days at the gym… and no more heading out to shop, golf or do lunch without toting a painful syringe or a bulky bottle of pills with you.
If diabetes has you feeling like you're living life on a leash, Indian researchers are finally giving you permission to go nuts! Just make sure those nuts are pistachios.
In a study, just completed by India's National Diabetes, Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation, researchers found that just a handful of pistachios a day may be all it takes to help you start enjoying your best blood sugar control in years — completely drug-free.
Scientists recruited 500 pre-diabetic volunteers between the ages of 25 and 65 and asked them to follow restricted-calorie diets and exercise daily (sound familiar?). The only difference was that half of the volunteers also got to snack on delicious pistachios daily.
After just six months, those pistachio-eating volunteers had lost weight, reduced their belly fat, and improved their bodies' reaction to insulin. The results were so positive that researchers say you could safely eat a couple of hundred calories worth of pistachios a day!
Imagine that — doctors telling us to eat MORE of something that tastes great! Plus, pistachios are cholesterol-free, loaded with fibre and healthy fats, and in just one serving deliver as much potassium as an orange.
It's no secret that nuts are nutritional powerhouses that could help you tackle everything from diabetes to heart disease. In fact, we told you just a couple of weeks ago how a handful of nuts a day could even slash your risk of premature death by an amazing 20 per cent.
If you're struggling to get your blood sugar under control, grab yourself a bag of delicious pistachios and get cracking.
Disease-fighting omega-7 getting mainstream recognition
A full year after we first shared with you the amazing health benefits of omega-7 fatty acids, it looks like the mainstream is finally getting on board. Even the most traditional mainstreamers are saying disease-fighting omega-7 may be one of the greatest health breakthroughs.
And for once, they're getting it right.
If you're serious about battling age-related diseases and if you don't want to look at yourself in the mirror 10 years from now and see a zipper scar down your chest or two swollen, arthritic knees… omega-7 could be the answer to your prayers.
Many of today's most common ailments, such as heart disease, arthritis, or even Alzheimer's, have the same root cause — inflammation. Omega-7 works naturally with your body to help keep that inflammation in check, while keeping a host of deadly diseases from EVER taking root.
But that's not all omega-7 does. In two animal studies — one from the Cleveland Clinic and another from Harvard University — omega-7 proved it could lower cholesterol and even improve the insulin response in muscles.