17 December 2017

10 Ways Beets Are Good for Your Health!

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Not only are they delicious, but beets are also packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Their rich nutritional content turns them into a powerful medicinal food with various beneficial properties. As early as the Middle Ages, they were used for treatment of digestion and circulatory issues. Beets are rich in antioxidants, fungicidal and anti-inflammatory agents. They are also well-known as a treatment for gall bladder stones and gout, and are even great for reducing cholesterol levels.
The 10 major medical conditions beets can help treat are:
beetroot, health benefits, recipe, video
1. Arthritis In moderation, beets help prevent arthritis by dissolving deposits that accumulate around the joints thanks to their high alkaline content.

2. Anemia The high levels of phosphorous, zinc, iodine, copper, calcium and potassium, combined with fat, vitamins (B1, B2, B6, P and niacin) help keep hemoglobin levels high.

3. Inflammation Thanks to a moderate amount of choline, beets help maintain your muscles, memory and cognitive functions. Additionally, beets can help fight insomnia. Choline also helps sustain the structure of the cellular membranes and assists with impulse transmissions. Combine it with its ability to absorb fat, and beets become an effective anti-inflammatory.
beetroot, health benefits, recipe, video
4. Heart disease Rich in nitric acid, beets help your blood vessels relax and remain dilated, which prevents heart diseases caused by insufficient blood flow.

5. Dementia A recent study performed at Wake Forest University confirmed that raw beet juice helps the transfer of oxygen to the brain. This helps maintain the brain in a healthy state, preventing the onset of dementia.
6. High blood pressure The nitrate in beets gets converted into nitric oxide – a key compound for relaxation and widening blood vessels. This process is highly beneficial to blood flow and circulation.
beetroot, health benefits, recipe, video
7. Arteriosclerosis Nitric oxide’s benefits also help prevent and reduce the risk of arterial diseases like Arteriosclerosis.

8. Diabetes Alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that lowers glucose levels, is abundant in beets. It is also effective at reducing stress-induced changes in diabetics.

9. Anti-carcinogenic The beet’s distinct color comes from phytonutrients. These nutrients combat and help prevent the onset of cancer. Research has shown that in some cases, beet extract was effective in reducing multi-organ tumors. It is believed to be effective in treating breast, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.

10. Low stamina Raw beet juice helps the muscles oxygenate, helping to improve exercise tolerance. A regular intake of raw beet will help those with metabolic, respiratory and cardiovascular issues.
Two beet juice recipes that aid in weight loss
beetroot, health benefits, recipe, video

1. Powerful detox juice
•    1 beet - cubed
•    5-6 celery stalks
•    1 cup chopped spinach
•    1 handful cilantro
•    1 tsp. salt

•    Blend all the ingredients until they have a smooth consistency, and add some lemon juice.

2. System booster, rich in antioxidants and beta-carotene
•    1 beet – cubed
•    2-3 large carrots – chopped
•    1 celery stalk

•    Blend all the ingredients until they have a smooth consistency and add a pinch of salt.